Curfew kerfuffle

On a Saturday night, Jeff took his eight-year-old son Chip to see a men’s college hockey game. The game ended at 10 p.m. As soon as they got home, Chip went to bed so he could rest up for his own hockey game the next morning.

            Chip rose at 6:30 and got to the rink at seven for his game, which would start at 7:30. As Jeff walked toward the stands, the father of another player approached.

            “Did you let Chip go to the UNH game last night?”


            “What time did he go to bed?”

            “He was in by 10:30.”

            The other father shook his head.

            “This is about coaching,” he said. “There should be a curfew for these kids.”

            “I’ll put this in the ‘live and learn’ category,” Jeff replied. “If Chip turns out to be too tired to play well today, then this will have been a life lesson for him.”

            The team lost the game. Afterward, the other father approached Jeff.

            “You think your kid learned a life lesson this weekend?” he sniped.