She’s a special player, just ask her dad

Jim took up a spot on the sideline for his daughter’s first travel soccer game. As the game began, another father, Teddy, stepped up beside him. Quickly, Jim learned that Teddy held his own daughter in especially high regard.
“Take it all the way, Kris!” Teddy bellowed. “Only four more players to beat, Kris!”
The ball is lost in a tangle of legs.
“Oh, Kris, great job!” A minute later, Kris is dribbling up field again, and Teddy is foaming again. “Go Kris, that’s you Kris. Beautiful, Kris! Oh, do I love that girl.”
Teddy’s stamina was remarkable; he kept this up the entire game. He cheered for only one player – his daughter.
A few weeks later, Jim got another dose of, Dad the Doofus. He was asked by his neighbor, Jerry, to join Jerry at his eight-year-old daughter’s soccer game. Jim was unable to attend, so, after the game, Jerry sent him this note.

Jim, I have been meaning to send you a note to let you know you missed a very good game on Sunday. It was very hot that afternoon and Maggie’s team had no subs. Maggie was playing right defense on their best player. We know this girl from a couple of the winter leagues that Maggie played in this year. She is very good and Maggie totally shut her down.
Our team was winning 1-0 at half. The coach put Maggie at striker to begin the third. She scored a hat trick in that quarter, two of them with her left. She had another shot that hit the post. Final score was 6-0. It was her best game yet but not because of the goals. Her defense and decision-making were excellent. I will make sure you have the schedule when we start up next year. Regards, Jerry

At age 13, Maggie quit soccer.