Travel team prisoner

Scott has a 16-year-old son who plays soccer. The boy had played on the same travel team from age eight through age 15. Frustrated at the team’s lack of success, Scott arranged to have his son try out for a more competitive team. When his son made the team, Scott went to tell the coach of the boy’s original team. The coach, Pete, was furious.
“I’ve coached this team for seven years, and this is what I get?” Pete railed. “You can’t abandon me like this.”
Pete would not release Scott’s son from his team, so the boy had to decline the offer to join the other squad.
“You know, this is about the team,” Pete said in trying to justify his decision to Scott. “It’s not fair to the other players on our team for your son to leave now.”
A few days later, Scott learned that six months earlier, Pete’s son had tried out for the very same other travel team, but didn’t make it.