It’s all about Loyalty

“It’s all about loyalty,” until they switched teams

A father spent four years assembling a highly competitive travel team for girls, first at age 9 and on through age 12. During this time the father, who served as team manager, was careful to build the roster with girls committed to one another and to winning as a team. He weeded out a few selfish players and assembled a squad that could compete with the best teams produced at the half-dozen soccer “factories” in the state. He instilled a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and loyalty. The girls liked each other. They played to win as a team, and they didn’t care who scored the winning goal or got the headline in the paper.

After the fourth season ended in late spring, the father sent a note congratulating the girls for another strong year. He told them that through their dedication to the game and to each other, they had joined the state’s elite teams. He said he looked forward to seeing them at practice in August. But he never did.

Unbeknownst to others, this fellow’s daughter had been trying out with one of the “factory” teams. She made that team, and left to join it before fall practices started.

As fate would have it, three weeks later the girl’s new team faced her former team in a tournament. Her former team won, 2-1.