Colored lights might hypnotize…

Every December, a nearby town is gripped by white-light fever. House by house, residents string up white lights to celebrate the holidays. But only white lights. For some reason, colored lights don’t cut it.

Most lights are wrapped around trees and bushes and lampposts. But now and then someone is bold enough to try a new theme. When that theme catches on, people fall in line. They do not want to be different.

One year, someone hung icicles on the front of the roof. These icicles were a nice change of pace. The next year, dangling from what seemed to be every other house, they were not so quaint.

A few years later, a family put in their yard a few deer outlined in white lights. The following year, white deer stood in lawns all over town.  Well, someone had had enough of those lighted deer. Driving home one night past a neighbor’s yard, a man saw one lighted deer mounting another.