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Hold keepers to the clock

Remember the rule that keepers have to play the ball within six seconds of possessing it? Apparently, some referees don't either. During the World Cup, time and again keepers laid on balls, like a bird hatching an egg, or slow-stepped to the top of the box, draining well more than six seconds. On goal kicks,

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Stick a card on that mouth

It happens all too often in soccer. From the opening whistle, the ref puts up with smack talk. He fails to push back, and with each disputed call the rant grows. Before you know it, three or four players are ganging up and screaming in the ref's face. Exhibit A unfolded at the 2018 World

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Curfew kerfuffle

On a Saturday night, Jeff took his eight-year-old son Chip to see a men's college hockey game. The game ended at 10 p.m. As soon as they got home, Chip went to bed so he could rest up for his own hockey game the next morning.             Chip rose at 6:30 and got

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Balloons on the Mailbox

The Parent-Teacher Organization at a high school offers people a thoughtful way to congratulate seniors during the week leading to their graduation. For five dollars, people can buy a balloon that says, “Congrats Grad!”, and write a personal message on an index card that is taped to the balloon. A PTO volunteer attaches

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Dad Plans Ahead for Softball Prodigy

Dad Plans Ahead for Softball Prodigy The athletic director at a New Jersey high school took a phone call one day from a father who was considering moving to either that town or a neighboring town. The father explained that his daughter played softball. He wanted to know about the school’s program –

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Stop with Stoppage Time

Why does only one person know when a soccer match will end? It’s time to do away with extra time and the controversy it often invites. Here’s how it could work. The ref starts each half with 45 minutes on his watch. The watch is synched with a clock on the scoreboard. Each

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The “bottom 90 percent”

Every spring at a nearby high school, administrators play host to a breakfast to honor seniors for exemplary academic performance. The principal announces the names of students who rank in the top ten percent of the class. One year, the school received a complaint from the mother of a girl who was not

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Fake soccer injuries: here’s a solution

Players faking injury – it’s the curse of soccer. Sadly, we see it at every level, even at the World Cup. A player goes down, grabs his leg, and wails at the sky. The ref checks on the player. Time drifts by. Finally, the player gets up and fake-hobbles to the sideline. Play

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The Bionic Soccer Player

One Saturday morning, a neighbor joins a friend to watch the friend’s daughter play in a high school soccer match. A midfielder, she runs hard for the first sixty minutes. At that point her calves cramp up and she has to come off. But ten minutes later she is back in, running hard,

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