Bill Summers is a writer and soccer enthusiast who began playing at age six in a schoolyard in Oxford, England. A native of Ithaca, New York, Summers went on to play at Cornell University, where he was captain and named an alternate to the NCAA Senior Bowl. He continued to lace up long into his adult years, learning something new each time he crossed the chalk. As a parent, Summers spent a decade coaching boys’ and girls’ youth teams. His first book, The Soccer Starter, Your Guide to Coaching Young Players, was published by McFarland & Company in 2006. For thirty years Summers moonlighted as a sports reporter, covering soccer, baseball, basketball, and football for The Bernardsville News in New Jersey. His soccer writing has earned awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. While his boots are now untied for good, he remains tethered to the game through heart, mind, and keyboard.


Max Miles Soccer Series

(Ages 8-12)

Clash of Cleats

Book 1

Max Miles just wants to make the travel soccer team in his new town – not tear it apart. But Max outplays the Thunder’s star, Red Peters, and takes his position. Red quits the Thunder, joins a rival, and vows revenge. Suddenly Max faces his first enemy – a fierce rival who hounds him on the field and in school. Will Max find the courage to defend himself, or will he let Red take him down?


“Max Miles turns out to be a little too good at his soccer tryout, and now he’s in the fight of his life. Clash of Cleats is end to end action, with a jaw-dropping twist in the final minute.”

Paul Luchowski, National League Commissioner, US Youth Soccer

Cracked Cleats

Book 2

Max Miles is torn between two soccer teams. Should he stay with the Thunder, or join the Falcons? When Max decides to stick with the Thunder, a storm of trouble kicks up. Soon Max is at war with everyone – his opponents, the refs, even his teammates. He has one last shot to save his season – in a match against the Falcons and his old rival, Red Peters. Will it be Max’s last one on the Thunder?


“My kids play sports other than soccer, but they tore through this book. Great story, fun characters, and the soccer scenes take you on an exciting ride.”

Rob Sawicki, entrepreneur, former professional basketball player

Shannon Swift Soccer Series

(Ages 8-12)

Magic Boots

Book 1

Shannon Swift just wants to make the travel soccer team in her new town – not break it up. But Shannon outplays the team’s star, Chelsea Mills, and takes her position. Chelsea and two teammates quit the team, join a rival, and vow revenge. Shannon has never met anyone as nasty as Chelsea. But now she faces a fierce rival who haunts her on the field and in school. Will Shannon learn to stand up for herself, or will she let Chelsea walk all over her?


“Magic Boots is a fun and inspiring first book in a sports series with a powerful female protagonist. Every girl would be lucky to have a friend like Shannon Swift.”

Corinne Colgan, Deputy Chief, Literacy and Humanities, Washington D.C. Public School System, former player, Bowdoin College.

Scuffed Boots

Book 2

Shannon Swift is facing the toughest decision of her life. Should she stay with the Swarm, or join the Wave? When Shannon sticks with the Swarm, she gets hit by a wave. Shannon gets double and triple-teamed, and gets mad at the world. She pushes herself hard, until she tips over the edge. Shannon has one last chance to save her season – in a match against the Wave and her old rival, Chelsea Mills. It’s Shannon’s biggest game ever – will it be her last one with the Swarm?


“Shannon Swift is a great player, but she keeps running into bad luck, I love this book and this series – engaging stories about the power of tenacity and positive thinking.”

Linda Hayden, national champion, Gettysburg College field hockey team., Retired Assistant Recreation Director, University of New Hampshire

Our Other Books

(Ages 16 and up)

Red Card

Soccer phenom Charlie Connor is cruising through high school, until he gets the letter from London. Charlie makes the academy team at elite club Burnchester United – and makes fast enemies. Battered by inferior opponents and spurned by jealous teammates, he yearns to return to Virginia. But Charlie’s dad is pushing him down a different path, a path shaped by ego, greed, and drink. Will Charlie stand up to his dad, or will he get taken down?

(Ages 16 and up)

“Charlie Connor’s path to international soccer glory is littered with obstacles he never imagined – his best pal, his girl, his teammates, even his father. Red Card is a compelling read from the first whistle to the final touch.”

Dave Sarachan, Head Coach, U.S. Men’s National Team

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